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Set 880

Set 880

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Product Description

You miss the pleasure you had listening to your home entertainment system? Its crisp and vivid sound you used to enjoy when your ears were younger? The extremely userfriendly Sennheiser Set 880 will bring it back to you. Designed and made in Germany for the needs of the aging ear, it features digital wireless technology to make the sound of your home entertainment a joyful experience again. Choose from no less than five different hearing profiles for the optimum in speech clarity and musical pleasure. Switch seamlessly between two connected audio sources, for example TV and radio. Enjoy the lightweight and slim under-the-chin headset that doesn’t interfere with your glasses or your hairstyle. Experience the sound, the comfort and the freedom – as the Set 880 operates independently from the normal volume setting of your radio or TV.

Frequency response (Headphones) 15 Hz - 16kHz
Sound pressure level (SPL) 125 dB at 1kHz, 3% THD
Weight 61g (incl. rechargeable battery)
Charging time up to 3hrs
Range Up to 70m /200ft
Signal-to-noise ratio analog input: typ. 83 dBA at 1 Vrms
Signal-to-noise ratio digital input: > 90 dBA
Operating time up to 18 hrs
Battery Specification BAP 800 lithium polymer rechargeable battery
Frequency band 2,400 – 2,483.5 MHz
Connection digital input: optical supported data
Connection streams: PCM/Stereo
Connection analog input: 3.5 mm jack socket
Transmission method Digital FM
Ear pad material Silicone
Hearing Profiles 5
Charging Reminder Acoustic & optical signal

Crisp and clear

Your + in effortless listening

The Set 880 delivers the boosted sound of your TV and radio sound directly to your ears, without any distractions, so no details will be lost. With a choice of five different preset hearing profiles you always have the right one at hand to optimize speech or music. You can shift the left/right volume balance to improve sound for a “weaker” ear. You can even switch from stereo to mono to get the full audio content in each ear. A unique feature is the Speech Intelligibility function: It reduces TV background noise for you to follow spoken dialog effortlessly. You will see how much more fun it is watching TV or listening to music when the sound is tailored to your needs.

Compact and unobtrusive

Your + in comfort

Though it brims with features, the Sennheiser Set 880 is sleek and slim. Its lightweight under-the-chin headset applies no pressure to the head, adjusts automatically as you put it on, and does not interfere with your hairstyle or your glasses. Advanced wireless technology ensures a stable connection to the docking station within the range of up to 70 m (200 ft). So, you can go to the kitchen to get a drink while still listening to your program. No need to worry about the battery, either. With up to 18 hours from a single charge the Set 880 lets you listen as long as you like. It recharges automatically as soon as you put the headset on the docking station.

Simple and easy

Your + in independence

From unboxing to the actual listening session, with the Set 880 you always know exactly what to do. Setup is extremely easy and straightforward. Buttons are few, large and clearly marked, so you don’t need glasses to identify them. The same goes for the easy to read LEDs that indicate the battery and connection status at a glance. The Set 880 even switches on and off automatically, so its battery will not run flat accidentally.

What's in the Box

  • Headphones with built-in Li-Polymer rechargeable battery
  • Docking station
  • 1 pair of ear pads for small ears
  • Power supply with national adapters for EU, UK, US and AUS
  • TV Optical cable for digital audio out
  • TV Connection cable 3.5 mm for headphone audio out
  • Instruction manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Gob smacked

Arrived from Germany within 36 hours of ordering. just before Xmas.
Superb quality which enabled a marvelous, holiday. Enough said.
Hard of hearing - get one.


Der Ton genau da, wo man ihn haben möchte. Sehr leicht zu installieren und ganz einfach zu bedienen. Unsere Empfehlung: wirklich alle vier Aufsätze ausprobieren, see Tragekomfort im Ohr ist wirklich unterschiedlich


J'ai bien reçu les écouteurs SET 880. Je les ai essayé. Comme j'ai un problème cervical, j'ai beaucoup de difficultés à les utiliser parce qu'ils sont trop pesants pour moi. Ils projètent ma tête vers l'avant, ce qui accentue la douleur au cou. C'est dommage parce que j'aime beaucoup le son et le volume est facile à contrôler. Peut-être auriez-vous une suggestion à me conseiller pour les adapter à mon problème.
Merci de votre attention
Huguette Provençal Ménard

Produit au son parfait

Un son exceptionnel et une grande facilité d'installation.

Parfait sauf....

S'il ne me faisait pas mal aux oreilles il serait effectivement parfait car rien à dire sur le son et toutes les possibilités de réglage. Je le recommande +++ malgré mes vaines recherches d'embouts plus doux.

### The new Sennheiser Set 880 ## Your + in home entertainment sound experience As we age, our ears need some assistance in order to pick up speech effortlessly or enjoy music to the full. This is not only a matter of overall volume but also of processing the audio signal as a whole. So, just turning the TV louder is no solution, apart from the fact that it disturbs the people around us. Enter the Sennheiser Set 880: It lets you personalize your listening experience according to your needs, without affecting your environment. The Set 880 can be connected to two audio sources at once, so you don’t have to unplug and plug in just to switch between TV and radio, for example. Rediscover the joys of listening to your home audio equipment.
Your + in effortless listening
Your + in comfort
Your + in independence

What's in the Box

Headphones with built-in Li-Polymer rechargeable battery
Docking station
1 pair of ear pads for small ears
Power supply with national adapters for EU, UK, US and AUS
TV Optical cable for digital audio out
TV Connection cable 3.5 mm for headphone audio out
Instruction manual