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Conversation Clear Plus
Conversation Clear Plus
Conversation Clear Plus

Conversation Clear Plus

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Product Description

Conversation Clear Plus from Sennheiser lets you experience life to the full, with effortlessly clear communication. From crowded environments to phone calls, or for clearer speech in streamed content, the stylish True Wireless earbuds keep your world of sound in focus. Its powerful Speech Enhancement, Automatic Scene Detection and Active Noise Cancellation features ensure the clearest communication in every environment. It’s also easy to set up, control and personalize with the intuitive Conversation Clear app. For clearer phone calls and more enjoyable entertainment, Conversation Clear Plus seamlessly connects to mobile devices via Bluetooth. With such brilliant versatility, the ultra-comfortable earbuds are the clear choice.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews

Bin sehr zufrieden mit den technischen bzw. akustischen Möglichkeiten, der Sitz im Ohr könnte optimiert werden, die Lösung mit den unterschiedlichen „Hörnern“ die sich in der Ohrhelix verankern sollen, funktioniert bei mir leider nicht so gut.

Noisy surroundings are a challenge

I visited twice for a audiogram
Hearing lose according my age
But these devices are helpfull

Peter M.
These do the job as advertised.

After using these for a month I can say that they work very well. I wear them in the house, outside on walks and in busy conversation environments where these really shine. They do help me hear better and clearer.

Some things I wish they would do; add a balance feature as my hearing is worse in my right ear. Also, the magnetic attachments in the charging case require some fiddling to make sure the buds are in correctly. Finally the case could use a mark or something to identify the front of the lid. Sometimes I try to open the case from the back as the design doesn’t clearly identify where the front is. All these are very minor quibbles.

All in all I am very satisfied with these earbuds. I highly recommend them.

Good sound quality, not loud enough.

The sound quality is better than the sound of it's competitors, Behear now and IQbuds. But the Sennheisers are simply not loud enough for me, so I use the IQbuds most of the time.

Cela fonctionne

Les écouteurs Conversation Clear Plus me vont bien, la mise en place est facile et le maintien est bon. La relation avec l'application sur iPhone s'est faite automatiquement en suivant les instructions et les réglages sont aisés. Concernant le principal, l'amélioration de la compréhension des conversations, cela fonctionne sans être miraculeux, cela ne donne pas des oreilles neuves mais rend la compréhension de la parole plus facile.
Là où j'ai été le plus bluffé c'est au cinéma, le son est élevé mais les paroles sont inaudibles pour moi en temps normal, là, avec mes Conversation Clear Plus, j'ai pu suivre les conversations sans problème hormis quelques voix féminines très aigues où c'est un peu plus difficile mais dans l'ensemble c'est bien. Par contre, au cinéma, pour les réglages, tous les curseurs à fond. Sinon après, tout le monde n'a pas les mêmes oreilles.

The Conversation Clear Plus headphones fit me well, the setup is easy and the hold is good. The relationship with the iPhone app was done automatically by following the instructions and the settings are easy. Concerning the main, improving the understanding of conversations, it works without being miraculous, it does not give new ears but makes the understanding of the word easier.
Where I’ve been most bluffed is at the movies, the sound is high but the lyrics are inaudible to me normally, there, with my Clear Plus Conversation, I was able to follow the conversations without problem except for a few very high-pitched female voices where it’s a little more difficult but overall it’s good. On the other hand, at the cinema, for the settings, all the sliders at full speed. Otherwise, everyone does not have the same ears.