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CX Plus True Wireless B-Ware
CX Plus True Wireless B-Ware
CX Plus True Wireless B-Ware
CX Plus True Wireless B-Ware
CX Plus True Wireless B-Ware

CX Plus True Wireless B-Ware

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Product Description

Hol dir die besten In-Ear Kopfhörer ihrer Klasse und genieße den unvergleichlichen Klang. Mit der Active Noise Cancellation-Funktion kannst du Umgebungsgeräusche ausblenden oder alternativ mit der Transparent Hearing-Funktion an deiner Umgebung aktiv teilhaben. Die neuen CX Plus True Wireless Ohrhörer bieten dir alles, was du brauchst. Sie überzeugen durch ein innovatives, ergonomisches Design und intuitive Bedienelemente für maximalen Komfort und einfache Handhabung. Profitiere von beachtlichen 24 Stunden Spielzeit und lass dich von ihrem kristallklaren Sound und satten Bässen hinreißen, die du individuell nach Belieben anpassen kannst. Das alles und noch viel mehr bieten dir die CX Plus True Wireless für ein ultimatives Klangerlebnis den ganzen Tag.

Klang der Superlative
Genieße deine Lieblingsmusik zu Hause, bei der Arbeit oder unterwegs mit dem legendären TrueResponse-Wandler, der dir den perfekten Sound bietet.

Umgebungsgeräusche ade

Mit der Active Noise Cancellation-Funktion tauchst du ein in eine Welt des kristallklaren Sounds. Du kannst dich auf jedes kleinste Detail deiner Musik oder bei Anrufen konzentrieren, ohne abgelenkt zu werden.

Bleib in Kontakt mit deiner Umgebung

Du hast die Kontrolle über deinen Sound: Die Transparent Hearing-Funktion ermöglicht dir die aktive Teilhabe an deiner Umgebung. 

Maximaler Komfort, auf deine Art
Sie sind wie für dich geschaffen: Bei sämtlichen Aktivitäten erweisen sie sich mit ihrem ergonomischen Design und den Ohradaptern in vier unterschiedlichen Größen stets als deine passenden Begleiter.

Leichte Bedienbarkeit

Es liegt in deiner Hand: Egal, ob du Musik hörst, telefonieren willst oder dich schnell mit Siri oder dem Google Assistan verbinden willst – die anpassbare Touch-Bedienung macht es möglich.

Hörvergnügen ohne Ende

Du möchtest am liebsten den ganzen Tag Musik hören? Mit der Akkulaufzeit von 8 Stunden und weiteren 16 Stunden Aufladung über die Ladebox steht dir eine Gesamtwiedergabezeit von unglaublichen 24 Stunden zur Verfügung.

What's in the Box

  • CX True Wireless Earbuds
  • Silicone ear adapter sets (XS, S, M, L)
  • Charging Case
  • USB-C Cable
  • Quick Guide & Safety Guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Great Earbuds

You would not know these were refurbished, arrived in 2, days in perfect condition. They fit nicely in the ears, they don’t move once in place. Sound quality is excellent, they pair and connect right away ( the main reason I replaced my Cambridge Audio ones with these) and noise cancelling works a treat. The App works well too.
Overall very satisfied with both the Earbuds and the service from Sennheiser.

Great buy

Bought recently & very impressed. Great sound, app & quality.
What you expect from a company like this

Not meeting my expectations

Posting a review of any product only days after purchase either reflects confirmation bias, or buyer's remorse.
It takes a while to fully form one's opinion. For earbuds, it takes trying different adapters, adjusting different custom app settings, and adjusting settings on ones phone. It's a process I've been through, and it is why I've taken a month to reflect on what I actually think of the Sennheiser CX Plus True Wireless, and post a review.
As preface before I get to this, let me emphasise that I own and have owned several Sennheiser headphones and earbuds in the past. My experience with these has overall been quite good, which is one of the reasons I opted for the CX Plus TW.

With respect to the physical aspect, the CX Plus comes with the recharging box that's slightly larger than ones from other brands. It's still pocketable, and holds a fair amount of energy for its purpose, so it's not necessarily negative.
However, the earbuds themselves are fairly bulky too. True, the batteries will last a good while (6+ hours!), but the size and shape make these rather uncomforable to wear for those, like me, with smaller ears. I find the CX Plus quite unpleasant to wear for a prolonged time, and have regularly been relieved to take these out of my ears. The CX Plus comes with a number of adapters, of which only the S (small) fits my ears.

The Sennheiser "smart control" app is decent, if fairly basic. I works quite smoothly, and allows some level of control over most settings. Of the more important settings, there's the option to chose codecs (the CX Plus supports most codecs, which is a big plus), and the option to switch devices (the CX Plus doesn't automatically switch, which can either be a plus or a negative).

While some reviewers rave about the superb quality of the CX Plus' sound (another reason why I opted for these), I'm underwhelmed. I find the sound quite tinny, with overstated middle and treble. This can be somewhat adjusted with the equalizer in the "smart control" app (and made extremely muddy with the useless "bass boost"), but never quite gets really to the level I expected given my experience with earlier Sennheiser products. Besides, decent earbuds shouldn't need an equalizer to "fix" their sound quality. I've never needed an equalizer with any of the other Sennheiser headphones I own(ed).

Lastly, as far as I'm concerned, the highly touted ANC is a total let-down. I find it barely cancels any noise at all, either actively or passively, and isn't worth the extra money. There are numerous inexpensive brands of earbuds that do a much better job at it.

Overall, the Sennheiser CX Plus True Wireless does not meet my expectations. Below is the list what I see as the negative and positive points.

- Poor fit for my ears
- Underwhelming, tinny sound
- Unimpressive ANC
- Relatively high price

On the upside:
+ Long battery life
+ Fairly decent app
+ Supports most popular codecs
+ May fit your ears better than mine

getting used to use it

maybe my ears are too small, i cannot wear them prefectly, even i used small size. But others are really good, i did not feel it is refurbished.
I bought it also from my friend's recommendation.

Almost perfect ...

Suprising true sound for the money. Excellent user interface (app required). The choice of ear-tips could be better.
Bottom line: highly recommended.

Compromise on your audio experience? No way! Put sound first, like Sennheiser does. We have put our 75 years of leading audio technology into the new CX True Wireless earbuds. They deliver crystal-clear sound with deep bass you can easily adjust to your personal taste. With an ergonomic design for superb wearing comfort and intuitive controls for maximum ease of use, you’ll have a first-rate listening experience at home, at work or on the move.Text

Don’t compromise on sound

Superior audio
Wherever you are, whatever you do; enjoy your favorite tracks to the max with the bespoke Transducer for crystal-clear sound.

Intense groove
With the Bass Boost added and the Built-In Equalizer activated via the Smart Control App, you can have your sound your way.

Skip the noise
You can forget about your surroundings and get lost in the music or focus on your call thanks to the Passive Noise Cancellation.

Don’t compromise on comfort

Easy to wear
The eye-catching ergonomic design assures superb wearing comfort. And with ear adapters in 4 sizes, it’s easy to achieve a perfectly secure fit for any activity.

At your fingertips
Customizable touch control enables easy control of audio, phone calls and fast access to Siri and Google Assistant.

Even in the rain
Go outside at any time to have an outstanding audio experience, even when it’s wet; you can rely on their IPX4 splash resistance.

  • Passive Noise Cancellation
  • Customizable Touch Controls


  • 27 Hour Battery Life