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IE 600
IE 600
IE 600

IE 600

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Product Description

Der IE 600 von Sennheiser verkörpert die audiophile Leidenschaft für Qualität mit akribischer Handwerkskunst und exquisitem, neutralem Klang. Für eine außergewöhnlich lange Lebensdauer und eine einzigartige Premium-Ästhetik verfügt der IE 600 über 3D-gedruckte Gehäuse aus amorphem Zirkonium ZR01, die dreimal so hart und biegefest sind wie Stahl. Seine doppelten Resonanzkammern eliminieren maskierende Resonanzen für eine außergewöhnliche Klangtreue, während die TrueResponse-Schallwandler für eine unglaublich neutrale, intime und naturgetreue Klangwiedergabe und eine beeindruckende Basswiedergabe sorgen.

Präzise Montage: Die Schallwandler werden von Sennheiser in einem fortschrittlichen Verfahren hergestellt, um die geringstmöglichen Abweichungen der dynamischen Miniaturtreiber von Einheit zu Einheit zu gewährleisten.

Entwickelt in Deutschland

3,5 mm und 4,4 mm Para-Aramid verstärkte Kabel mit vergoldeten MMCX-Steckern

Optimale Passform - Auswahl an Silikon- und Memory Foam-Ohrpassstücken in 3 Größen (S/M/L) und verstellbaren Ohrbügeln

Impedanz: 18 Ohm Systemimpedanz

Frequenzgang: 4 - 46.500 Hz

Klirrfaktor: <0,06% (1 kHz, 94 dB)

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Best in class

Highly resolving and well tuned IEM. Very comfortable. Weight is less compared to competitors which helps with wearing for long periods of time. My favourite IEM in the sub 1000 dollar price region.

Love IE600

Great sound!!!

Surprisingly good

Honestly I never expected such small devices to sound so rich and deep. I miss some dynamic sound placing out of it, but I'm astonished by how easily I can distinguish all the different instruments in a song. I've never experienced such deep bass, it's amazing.
I wish the cable Sennheiser gave would be a bit easier to twist and that the connector is sometimes loose in the left ear. Otherwise it's a really solid package. Really recommend it to anyone who wants to get a great IEM.

IE600 review

IE600 are very small and fit so well and comfortably in the ears.
IE600 are very balanced, I really like the way they were tuning. Be aware that connected directly to a phone, the IE600 will not sound to their best, they need a somehow more powerful source than the your phone.
I used them connect to the Chord Mojo and Ifi Go Blu (balanced), and although the IE600 sound different on both, they sound really good.

Almost returned... but it grew on me.

I have to say, when I first put on the headphones I expected them to blow my socks off. Coming from HD598s - considerably less noteworthy headphones - I was offended by the almost tinny sound of the IE 600s. But after a day or two I was able to adjust to the sound (but still not quite fully). There are definitely some tracks that play very nicely with the IE 600s, namely vocals and real instruments. Sadly, most of my music is electronic music that seems to be mixed too harshly in the high end for listening with the IE 600s.

The fit is decent, it did hurt my ears slightly as I got used to wearing them (even after finding the best fitting tip), but that seems to subsided slightly. I find doing voice calls with the IE 600s very difficult because my own voice reverberates through my ears in a jarring way.

The build quality is good, the earbuds themselves are well designed and I like the look and feel. I wish the wires that come in the box, however, were some kind of threaded wire for durability and tangle prevention. It's just something I'd hope for at this price tag.

The carrying case looks good but the inner design could probably have some more compartments for keeping the buds and wires separate and secure, and perhaps a sleeve for the cleaning tool. I also have a problem with the zipper, it came in a state where it often gets stuck. I think a slightly looser fit for the case would help the zipping process without sacrificing integrity.

Overall, I enjoy listening to music with the IE 600s, but I wish they had really blown me away. I nearly returned them to get the IE 300s because I guess the 300 model would give me enough to make me happy without blowing me away, which is what I got with the 600 model except at a much steeper price.

At the end of the day, I admit I'm a loyal Sennheiser customer. As long as I can rely on the build quality and trust that I'm getting what I pay for in terms of a listening experience, I will always buy a Sennheiser product when I have the choice. On that note, I will be buying one of your high end open back, over-ear models at some point in the next year or two... Is this the time where I ask for some sort of discount? Haha, just joking - but please do keep up the good work and I hope my feedback helps the team in some way. Cheers!