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RS 195

RS 195

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Product Description

Im Laufe der Zeit entwickelt sich unser Gehör natürlich weiter. Obwohl dies völlig normal ist, können die Veränderungen die Qualität der Klänge verändern, die wir erleben, zum Beispiel beim Fernsehen oder Musikhören.

Der neue kabellose Kopfhörer RS 195 berücksichtigt diese Veränderungen und bietet einen außergewöhnlichen Klang, der ganz auf das eigene Gehör abgestimmt werden kann.

Sennheiser hat seine Technologie verfeinert, um einfache und intuitive Einstellungen anzubieten, die die Sprachverständlichkeit verbessern und die kleinsten Details Ihrer Lieblingsmusik wiedergeben.

Dank des komfortablen, ergonomischen Designs, das sich ideal für langes Hören eignet, werden Sie vergessen, dass Sie einen Kopfhörer tragen.

Mit dem RS 195 können Sie die feinen Details Ihrer Lieblingsmusik wiederentdecken.

Adapted to gradual changes in your hearing

Designed to improve your sound experience

With the wireless RS 195, make sure you don’t miss a detail when watching TV and listening to music. The exceptional sound can be fully personalised to your hearing: simply choose the most adapted setting from the 7 profiles available to optimise your sound experience. The left/right balance control allows you to adjust the volume in each ear.

The RS 195 also gives you a choice of listening modes. The "Speech Mode" reduces background noise and enhances speech intelligibility, while the "Music Mode" reproduces music with an increased dynamic range to perfectly preserve the sound image.

High Class

Excellent sound quality

The RS 195 headphones are fitted with high quality transducers that produce rich and detailed sound to please even the most demanding of music lovers. Innovative digital wireless transmission technology delivers a clear signal within a range of up to 100m. The RS 195 transmitter supports analog and digital audio inputs with the option of toggling. So, you are free to wander from room to room listening to your favourite music and TV programmes. The headphones’ ergonomic design is ideal for enjoying hours of comfortable listening.

A fruitful collaboration

Developed in collaboration with the Fraunhofer IDMT

The RS 195 headphones are the result of a collaboration between two specialists in two different domains: Sennheiser, a leading acoustics expert for over 70 years & Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology IDMT which has developed signal-processing strategies based on hearing aid technology* for use in consumer electronics.

Using this combined savoir-faire, we were able to build unique sound settings that are perfectly adapted to the needs of individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss.

*This technology does not replace or function in the same way as a hearing aid and is not a medical product.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Sound quality unbelievable

You certainly get what you pay for sound and build quality on these headphones unsurpassed


small annoying interruptions of the sound


RS 195

So far so good

Quite a good difference in watching TV and listening to music. Only issue is difficult to Adjust ear pads so they don’t impinge upon my earlobes. But better than previous headphones I’ve used


Well where do i begin, these headphones are amazing and have given me my tv back.I say given back as i live in a small semi detached house and i have terrible neighbours and the headphone sound are just great can’t hear them at all…..So thank you sennheister…..👍🏼