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HD 560S
HD 560S
HD 560S

HD 560S

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Product Description

Le HD 560S permet à l'audiophile d'évaluer l'ensemble du parcours de sa musique sur le chemin audio. Ce casque à dos ouvert est réglé pour révéler la vérité de votre musique sans sacrifier la réponse gratifiante des basses nécessaire à la reproduction de la musique moderne complexe, le tout à un prix révolutionnaire.

Ses transducteurs sont orientés de manière à recréer la position d'écoute triangulaire optimale pour une scène sonore large et articulée. La conception légère du HD 560S donne à l'auditeur une expérience "à peine là" pour les sessions d'écoute prolongées.

Les haut-parleurs à faible impédance offrent la possibilité de reproduire un son hi-fi sur pratiquement tous vos appareils audio, tels que les lecteurs audio numériques portables, les ordinateurs portables, les récepteurs A/V, les interfaces audio, etc. Un câble détachable de 3 mètres offre la liberté parfaite pour accéder à votre matériel, et comporte une fiche de 6,3 mm avec un adaptateur flexible de 3,5 mm. Cette combinaison de précision, de champ sonore étendu, de performances de basses douces et de confort d'écoute à long terme fait que le HD 560S convient aussi bien aux aficionados de la hi-fi qu'aux tâches musicales.

Customer Reviews

Based on 113 reviews
Comfortable listening on a budget

The build is all plastic but sturdy. The Earpads are so soft. These are the most comfortable headphones I have. I believe the open-back design means your ears do not sweat. I never feel any fatigue and wear them all day. The cord is a bummer as its in-between being to short to plug into my TV but too long for my phone. My phone (S21) and laptop (Dell Inspiron 3 series) drive these adequately, with good volume.
Without EQ or with the sound is great. I don't know any of the technical jargon audiophiles spit out but it sounds better than my Sony WH-1000XM4. It also has a noise cancelling effect as well. Not all the surrounding sound seeps in while listening.
Well worth the investment.

HD 560S

I love them so far their very soft and don't hurt my ears which is awesome ^^

Excellent performer

I had the Sennheisser HD 660S for a couple of years and then sold them. After using the HD 560S a few times, I have to say I'm glad I swapped them. The HD 560S are fantastic sounding cans for the price. They are so comfortable to wear, even for hours. For me they are only inferior to the HD 660s in build quality - well they should as they cost me one fourth of the price I paid for the HD 660S.
Sound wise they give a run for their money to a thousand quid cans. I own a pair of Sony IER-Z1R, ten to fifteen times more expensive, an endgame IEM, and the 560S hold their own against them and are 100 times more comfortable.
As open back cans, the HD 560S leak A LOT of sound, so no use while commuting or at home with the family in the vicinity. That's the price you pay for the clear, open and detailed sound.
I listen to them paired with my Cord Mojo2/Poly combo. Of course they sound good plugged into your smart phone, but NOT QUITE THE SAME. I've tried them with my LG V60, which have a Quad DAC, and not as good sound as with the Mojo/Poly.
I got them direct, reduced at the Sennheiser website and a 10% off on top of that for subscribing to their newsletter.
To summerise, even at full price, I don't think you can find better sounding cans than these, even up to £500.
For me they are worth every penny and have become my endgame cans. I won't be paying through the nose for supposedly much better - and much more expensive - cans that only add a small increment of sound quality.

Delighted on all aspects!

After much research, I decided that the HD 560S 'phones might be at the 'sweet spot' in terms of performance and price. I am pleased to say that my experience with the actual headphones has turned out very positively and enjoyably indeed.

The over-ear/open-back design suits me perfectly. The build quality is excellent and the headphones have good 'fitting' adjustment and are very comfortable even over longer listening sessions.

The sound quality with hi-res files has been hugely impressive. Excellent detail with strong but balanced bass has been a delight with many pieces of music of all types, including classical, jazz, electronica and dance. There is a real sense of aural cohesiveness along with impressive imaging.

I am delighted with all aspects of these excellent headphones and feel they represent wonderful sonic enjoyment and exceptional value for money.


So far so good! First proper headphones, particularly impressed on by vocal clarity! Still need to purchase some other additional gear to make them really shine but impressed.