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RS 2000

RS 2000

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Product Description

Casque TV sans fil

Profitez parfaitement de la télévision au volume souhaité sans déranger personne.

Your + in sound experience

With the RS 2000 your TV will deliver superior Sennheiser sound quality. Adjust the left and right volume for a pleasant and balanced sound. Then let clear speech and colorful music indulge your ears.

Your + in freedom

Unleashing you from the ties of cables the RS 2000 gives you the freedom to move within a range of up to 50 m and have extra long TV sessions, thanks to up to 9 hours of playing time. Since the RS 2000 is ultralight, you can really enjoy this freedom to the full.

Your + in comfort and simplicity

Focus on the program, not on your device: The RS 2000 offers easy, intuitive handling and is fully compatible with all analog TV outputs. As for the wearing comfort, the RS 2000 puts no pressure on ears and temples even during long sessions – which especially spectacle wearers will appreciate. And, when not in use, it just switches itself off. Automatically.

Your + in style

The RS 2000 features a sleek and attractive base station that makes a stylish yet subtle addition to every home entertainment system. The base station also serves as a smart docking station that lets the headset/receiver lie in a compact and tidy horizontal position when charging the durable integrated battery.

What's in the Box

  • Headphone with with built-in Li-Pol rechargeable battery
  • Docking station
  • Power supply unit with country adapters for EU, UK, US and AUS
  • TV Connection cable for 3,5mm headphone audio out
  • Instruction manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Headphones for TV

I have had Sennheiser headphones before for about 20 or more years. I am hearing impaired and cannot understand TV without the headphones. I like Sennheiser headphones best. I wanted the ones that have a little bigger range and last longer on a charge, but you were out of them. I plugged these in today, and they are working fine. I hope you continue with this type of headphone, so I will be able to understand what they are saying on TV. I think the headphones last about 5 years, but I have a set that has batteries for them that I first got from you, and they are still working but not as well as the newer versions. I recommend your headphones to others that have hearing problems.

Stethset RS 2000

Why does my TV sound go off when I use the set? I thought I was supposed to be able to watch using the RS 2000 and that other people could be in the room watching with me with the regular TV sound on.

RS 2000

RS 2000 leistet hilfreiche Dienste als diskreter "Sound-Butler", lässt den Originalton auf dem TV-Gerät unabhängig weiternutzen.
Schnelle Lieferung, einfache Installation, vernünftiger Preis.
Einziger Kritikpunkt: Reibt der Empfänger bei Bewegung an der Kleidung, nimmt er leider ziemlich viel Nebengeräusch auf.


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