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AMBEO Sub Refurbished

AMBEO Sub Refurbished

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Product Description

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The AMBEO Sub was designed to deliver an incredible sound experience. It produces extremely deep bass powered by the AMBEO virtualisation technology and an 8” high-end proprietary woofer. Closed enclosure ensures audiophile-grade bass by making it more precise and punchier. Thanks to the multi-sub array technology, there is a possibility to connect up to four subwoofers to scale bass performance to match any room size.

Thanks to the built-in microphone and the advanced room calibration algorithms, AMBEO Sub intelligently scans and analyses the given environment to adapt the sound to the architectural specifics of your room.

The wireless connection ensures you keep your space clean and neat without any cables needed to connect AMEBO Sub.

Connect and control your AMBEO Sub wirelessly with only one click in the Smart Control App.


– Closed enclosure for deepest and dry bass down to 27Hz
– High-end long-throw 8“ woofer
– 350W class-D amplifier
– Advanced self-calibration into room with built-in microphone
– Digital processing to compensate negative room characteristics


– Wireless connection
– Connect up to 4 AMBEO Subs to your Soundbar