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Earpads with foam disk

Earpads with foam disk

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Product Description

Earpads with foam disk for HD 545, HD 565, HD 580, HD 600, HD 650 and HD 660S

Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
HD 650 still sounds like new

Many reviewers say that these originals control the sound better. I haven't tried others, and won't until the consensus is that there's a better one for the same price.

Yes, well…

First let me say that I am happy that the spare ear cushions for my HD650 are for sale. The old ones deteriorated by not using them for a few years. Same as the headband cushion, by the way. I have been waiting months before they became available, since both parts were sold out. I have the ear cushions, but I’m still waiting for the headband cushion to become available. The website says that the part is sold out, but usually it takes just a few days before the item is available. Having waited for months, I can say this is just not true. I’m not happy with the replenishment rate, which is a matter of anticipation on the procurement department. It is not that hard. And it would be nice to have an expected availability date on the website, if it isn’t so, that it takes just a few days. I give one star, so that my review is being read and action is taken. For the product, packaging, e-mails etc. it’s a 5-star.

Ear pads for HD 580’s

Perfect. Desperately needed replacing and after buying a new headband too it’s now a real joy to wear these old cans again.

HD660s feels fresh again!

Happy to have new earpads for my HD660s that now feel fresh and like new again! Easy ordering, fast delivery and quickly mounted.

Feels like new

My foam was degrading after years of use and my ears started to hurt a lot often even a short session. I was concerned but thought, “maybe the foam is blocking high and high mids that shouldn’t be as strong as they are.”

I was right! With the new foam in place I mix for hours with no pain. The cuffs also make the headphones feel new, so that’s a plus as well.