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RS 120-W

RS 120-W

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Article number: 700171

Product Description

Sennheiser RS 120-W On-Ear Wireless Headphones for crystal-clear TV Listening with 3 Sound Modes, lightweight design with easy volume control, 60m range and convenient combo transmitter/charger

  • High-quality Sennheiser sound: Enhance your TV listening with crystal-clear, detailed, well-balanced stereo sound.
  • Sound modes: Three listening profiles - Speech, Music, Neutral - to adjust the sound to your preference for TV, music, podcasts, and streaming video.
  • Easy volume control: Ergonomic control dial directly on the headphones offers intuitive volume adjustment.
  • Exceptional comfort: Lightweight on-ear headphones with low headband pressure for optimal wearing comfort during long TV sessions.
  • Long battery life: Up to 20 hours playback from the rechargeable AAA batteries.
  • Up to 60m range: Digital wireless transmission ensures no analog static for listening freedom around the home.
  • Combination transmitter/charging dock: Easy connection to TVs via RCA or 3.5mm plugs while providing a convenient charging station for the headphones.
  • Broadcast transmission: Enables several receivers to be used with one transmitter for shared viewing experiences.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Replacement TV headphones

After many years of faithful service my Senhheiser headphones started to show sign of wear. So delighted with them I ordered a replacement by a similar model. Arrived in a timely fashion and work perfectly.

Standard maintained

My wife is quite hard of hearing and relies on headphones to listen to the TV. She has had a previous pair of Sennheiser headphones which have now died after many years of excellent service. She was recommended the RS 120-W as a replacement by Sennheiser help desk. She subsequently ordered them and were very quickly dispatched and received. The headphones proved again that the quality of their headphones are second-to-none. She is very pleased with the comfort and the clear sound of the headphones.


Great! These were easy to get up and running, the sound quality is good and they are comfortable to wear.


RS 120-W