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Momentum True Wireless ear adapters, 5 pairs
Momentum True Wireless ear adapters, 5 pairs

Momentum True Wireless ear adapters, 5 pairs

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Product Description

Ear adapter for MOMENTUM True Wireless.

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Momentum True Wireless silicone ear adapters, 5 pairs

Momentum True Wireless

Was kann besser sein als Originalteile?
Alles gut, schnell geliefert. Herz was willst Du mehr?!

Hard to buy, but worth it.

There were problem on the website. I couldn't place my order. I contacted the customer service and they kindly placed the order for me. The quality of the product is the same as the ear tips in the original TW2 headphone package.
Delivery was also on time!

Momentum True Wireless 3 silicone ear adaptors

I contacted Sennheiser to ask where I could purchase replacement silicone ear adaptors for my new Momentum TW3's as I couldn't find them anywhere on the Internet, including Sennheiser's website. I was informed that Sennheiser did not currently make a replacement silicone adaptor for the Momentum TW3. I was advised that silicone adaptors for previous models were available and were of similar size. I ordered the medium TW2 replacement adaptors (5 pair pack)
They are of similar size, much emphasis on the similar...They are slightly smaller and tighter and do take some fiddling to get them onto the units, not great for arthritis sufferers. But once on they fit the ear nicely... However, it wouldn't take a genius to realise owners of the Momentum TW3's would need replacement ear adaptors and Sennheiser should have had them available from the launch of the units.


It’s a set of x10 eartips in a little plastic bag, not much more I can add really.

Delivery was very quick, however I did pay £10 for it so would have been disappointed if not.

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português (Portugal)