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Momentum True Wireless 3
Momentum True Wireless 3
Momentum True Wireless 3
Momentum True Wireless 3
Momentum True Wireless 3
Momentum True Wireless 3

Momentum True Wireless 3

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Product Description

MOMENTUM True Wireless 3

Inspired by music

Perfection has been redefined. With countless number one reviews for their best-in-class sound, Sennheiser’s acclaimed MOMENTUM range has continued to set the performance benchmark for true wireless earbuds. Now, the next generation MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 makes the best even better: With outstanding sound quality, next generation Adaptive Noise Cancellation (ANC) and the ultimate personalized fit, the MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 transforms every listen with premium audio and effortless style.

Customer Reviews

Based on 266 reviews
Great sound, bad fit.

Great bass and sound, but to big for my ears. Hurts after a short time, since I have to get it close to the ear to get the good bass, but in return it hurts. Otherwise the sound is just flat. I have tires using the different ass, but no luck.. BUT if it would fit I would love them.

It's alright

Instead of buying the classic AirPods for my iPhone, I though I could give Seinnheiser its chance, I had never tried the product nor had I heard of it. The earplugs are nice, they are comfortable and the sound is good, but the tactil commands are sometimes annoying (stopping a call by mistake for example).

Their battery runs out quit fast too, fortunately the case has a good battery and the recharge is quick but still.

Overall it's a good product but the price still hurts me when I know I can have Airpods for more or less the same price.

Worth the money. Great buy.

My first purchase. Only used for four days and so far the best earbuds I’ve ever used in terms of sound quality.

Impressive headphones

No.1, what more to say....

great sound

I have good equalizer and some other enhancement software, sound gets even better

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português (Portugal)