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RS 175-U

RS 175-U

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Product Description

Taking home entertainment to the next level, Sennheiser’s RS 175 offers an impressive range of features in a compact, ergonomic package, so that you can enjoy music and television to the fullest.

Key Features

  • Closed, circumaural headphones with excellent digital wireless audio transmission
  • Exceptional digital audio clarity and transmission range of up to 328ft/100m (line of sight)
  • Enables switching between dynamic bass and virtual surround sound
  • listening modes for situational sound customization
  • Supports analog and digital audio inputs and allows toggling between the inputs
  • Intelligently designed controls for maximum ease of use
  • Multi-purpose transmitter – also functions as ‘easy-charge’ cradle and docking station
  • Multi-receiver transmission – transmitter supports up to two pairs of headphones simultaneously
  • Ergonomic design for enhanced wearing comfort
  • 2-year warranty

What's in the Box

  • HDR 175 headphones
  • TR 175 transmitter
  • Optical cable
  • Audio cable
  • Power supply with 4 adapters (EU, UK, US & AU)
  • 2 AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries
  • Quick guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews

I needed to replace my wonderful sony wh700n headphone. I tried the too expensive wh1000-4 and I didn't like it. Not good on pc and too much sortware. Also it is just not the materials you expect from that much money.

Therefore I tried this one. No software, just a good headphone by itself. Bass and surround is everything you need to have a great music and cinematic experience. I haven't lost connection in any way with it yet. I use it myself for gaming and talking to my friends in discord. No problems with it.

I like that you could take apart the headphone, so you can replace batteries or earcaps when needed.

The only downside for me is it is getting sweaty after a few hours. It isn't much of a downside because it is a good reminder to take a pause from programming or gaming.

Excellent quality for the money

This is our second purchase of RS 175. Now we both have access to clear dialog and music from our favorite TV entertainment. Can also opt for quiet in the room while other person uses headphones. Would not want to be without them. Also excellent solution for hearing impaired person. RS 175 works!


RS 175

Hearing Convenience

I’ve used Sennheiser Radio Headphones for 10 years now, but the new, connected by Bluetooth headphones, are superb. Very easy to use with excellent sound quality and stereo image. I have only one gripe. Previous models had a mute button (who needs to hear all those commercials?). These new ones don’t.

RS 175 U perfect

Incredible sound With bass effect like cinema!

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português (Portugal)