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Great great

No complaints! Great sound, decent anc, easy to use and adjustable via app. Touch controls had me worried for a second, but they are very customisable and can be made just as inobtrusive or distracting as anyone could want. At discounted price a great deal.

Great Value for Price

A rather dense soundstage, balanced tonality with slightly emphasized bass response. They fit very well and materials have high quality.
It gives good listening pleasure and far more value you can expect at that price.

CX Plus SE True Wireless

Very nice

HD 559 Refurbished

Der Auftrag wurde schnell erledigt, die termingerechte Lieferung war erfolgreich. Ich bin rundum zufrieden mit diesem Produkt, die Kopfhörer funktionieren und klingen super!

Great headphones

Great set of headphones noise cancelling works well but have had better good clarity through the range comfortable enough to wear for hours long battery life and good power management (auto on and off)

Sennheiser momentum 3

Absolutely outstanding headphones, and terrific customer service, efficient and reliable 100%

Product as expected, shipment OK. I am satisfied.

top sound und einwandfreier zustand

ware ist wie neu, technisch großartig


Would not have known this was a refurbished product. Amazing! Thank you.

CX 300S
Budget earbuds with good quality

Great for travelling and remote working, great quality and comfy for the price

Most comfortable headphones I have owned

Amazingly comfy Headphones with unparalleled quality for a good price. The BT quality is great (need some fixing with certain heaadphones). Controls are intuitive and I can use them for hours. Great for working, gaming and of course to get nice quality music while on the go

HDV 820
Going to be paired with HD 800 S

I enjoy listening to sound and music as it was meant to be heard by the producer(s), without EQ and without a DAC/AMP that colours the sound, so it was a no brainer to get the HDV 820 after watching multiple reviews. Can't wait to get my hands on the HD 800 S <3

IE 600
Surprisingly good

Honestly I never expected such small devices to sound so rich and deep. I miss some dynamic sound placing out of it, but I'm astonished by how easily I can distinguish all the different instruments in a song. I've never experienced such deep bass, it's amazing.
I wish the cable Sennheiser gave would be a bit easier to twist and that the connector is sometimes loose in the left ear. Otherwise it's a really solid package. Really recommend it to anyone who wants to get a great IEM.

HD 458BT


Unheimlich spritzig und agil

Ich hatte mir vor einigen Jahren einen HD 800 für ein paar Wochen ausgeliehen und war damals schon sehr begeistert. Jetzt habe ich mir endlich einen HD 800 S geleistet und höre damit mit großen Spaß meine ganze Musiksammlung durch. Wirklich toller Kopfhörer, der Unmengen von Details herausarbeitet und ein super Timing und eine herausragende Darstellung von Transienten bietet. Man muss aber auch sagen, dass er recht schonungslos ist und manche Abmischungen schrecklich klingen lässt und auch nicht für jeden Musikstil die richtige Wahl ist. Gut, wenn man dafür dann noch einen zweiten Kopfhörer sein Eigen nennen kann.
Refurbished wirkt bei Sennheiser übrigens fast wie neu. Bei war nur die Produktverpackung an einigen Stellen eingerissen.

RS 120-W
Replacement TV headphones

After many years of faithful service my Senhheiser headphones started to show sign of wear. So delighted with them I ordered a replacement by a similar model. Arrived in a timely fashion and work perfectly.


Easy connection. Easy to follow instructions and “how to” video. Sound is great and perfect for not annoying the neighbours with loud tv noise.

Great opportunity

I don't think i have to give a comment about the sound and build quality of one of the flagships of Sennheiser headphones, it's outstanding. I bought it as an upgrade of my HD 650. Having the opportunity to buy a refurbished item, makes it less painful for the wallet. Service is as you might expect from Sennheiser and headphone looks brand new.


Really comfortable and well balanced headphones.
Bass is lacking but that is to be expected with open-back headphones.

HD 458BT
Great product

Excellent sound quality. Microphone is great.

The app has room for improvement.

Original one is thicker

That's it

Sensible earpafs

I use the headphones often when dancing. As I swear I needed to replace the pads. The new,obes fine, delivered no problem and dit nicely. Very pleased.

Hard to buy, but worth it.

There were problem on the website. I couldn't place my order. I contacted the customer service and they kindly placed the order for me. The quality of the product is the same as the ear tips in the original TW2 headphone package.
Delivery was also on time!

Set 880
Produit au son parfait

Un son exceptionnel et une grande facilité d'installation.

Perfect deal without black friday

Great price quality relation.
Over ears nearly new and sennheiser isknown for great sound