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Conversation Clear Plus
Conversation Clear Plus
Conversation Clear Plus

Conversation Clear Plus

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Product Description

Conversation Clear Plus from Sennheiser lets you experience life to the full, with effortlessly clear communication. From crowded environments to phone calls, or for clearer speech in streamed content, the stylish True Wireless earbuds keep your world of sound in focus. Its powerful Speech Enhancement, Automatic Scene Detection and Active Noise Cancellation features ensure the clearest communication in every environment. It’s also easy to set up, control and personalize with the intuitive Conversation Clear app. For clearer phone calls and more enjoyable entertainment, Conversation Clear Plus seamlessly connects to mobile devices via Bluetooth. With such brilliant versatility, the ultra-comfortable earbuds are the clear choice.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
It works but not according to the manual

They do not work according to the manual
Tried to install the app on my ipad, which is impossible. Does only show a tiny window with a micro keyboard. Unusable.

Eher enttäuschend. Hatte da mehr erwartet.

Erster Eindruck nach einer Woche

passt gut und sitzt auch über längere Zeit ohne Probleme. Klang bei Streaming und Kommunikation sehr gut, Telefonklang ist manchmal sehr hochtonig und spitz

Gutes Konzept mit Problemen

schnell Anfangs war ich begeistert von der Idee die Hörer quasi als Zwischending zwischen qualitativ hochwertigem Ohrhörer und Hörgerät zu benutzen. Die Einrichtung war einfach, die Hörer waren schnell gekoppelt (iPhone 14) , das passende Hörprofil schnell angepasst. Die Kommunikation ist sehr gut, beim Fernsehen hört man klare, gut verständliche Stimmen auch über die fernsehureigenen Lautsprecher. Der klang beim Streaming (Qubuz und Apple Music) ist gut wenn auch kein Vergleich mit meinem Aventho wireless oder gar meinem Stax SL7.
Die Begeisterung war leider schnell verflogen. Die Kopplung erfolgte schon beim zweiten Mal nicht mehr automatisch nach Einschalten der Hörer sondern erforderte wieder die Einrichtung wie beim ersten Mal. Daran hat sich leider nichts geändert.
Hier ist noch viel Luft nach oben. Ich habe deshalb auch kein zweites Paar für meine Frau gekauft, die sie nicht so Technik- und kofhöreraffin ist wie ich.

Alan K.
The app is limited and buggy.

Although the devices do improve my ability to hear voices in noisy spaces, the app continually switches between communication and streaming mode when it's open. The setup of my hearing profile was such that I couldn't really tell the difference between options in my given range of volume or clarity. Since this is a do-it-yourself device and there isn't a customer service line provided I can't tell if I'm actually setting them up correctly. I'm likely to return them within the too-short 30 day window. Could they work better? I can't be sure.

I had to return them, the right ear bud stopped responding

This is challenging.

Earlier this month I ordered the Sennheiser Conversation Clear Plus earbuds, €849, as soon as they were offered online.

They arrived on the 18th of this month. (UPS left my package with my neighbor but left a blank form in my mailbox. The UPS online tracking informs me the package is at their drop off point here in my town. I waste 40 minutes, no one has the package. I contact UPS by phone and they take my information. I learn later that evening that my neighbor has my package. We're off to a great start.)

I realize it takes time to become familiar with a new product and I did my best.

The charging case fits nicely in my hand but it's a bit of a challenge to know exactly where to open it. Also, placing the earbuds in the case is a tad finicky. (My Bose Quiet Comfort earbuds requires no finesse from me, I simply drop them in their case and it always goes well, always.)

I had issues with the Sennheiser Conversation Clear Plus earbuds regarding double tapping the right button to pause or start streaming. The owner's manual says it's possible but I had problems with it. Software issue?

A few days ago the button on the right earbud stopped working. Single tap, double tap, long press, does absolutely nothing on the right earbud. We now have a hardware issue. The charging case shows the left earbud charging but not the right earbud.

I sent them back ... and there were issues initially with Sennheiser support giving me the correct website to begin the return process.

Overall, it's a great idea and if the right earbud hadn't stopped responding, I might have held onto this. This is not a good beginning.

I would love to be consulted to test new items. Simply placing the units in the charging case is finicky, it shouldn't be.