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IE 200
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IE 200

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Product Description

Audiophile quality in earphones has historically been the domain of high-end products with corresponding prices. But now, in keeping with its tradition of bringing personal high fidelity to the world, Sennheiser has developed the IE 200. The new world of sound is balanced and true-to-life with exceptional resolution which is unique in its price range. Even in your favorite recordings, details you’ve never heard await. All in an inconspicuous design that comfortably fits any ear, big or small.

It’s an open invitation—to experience the joys of high-end sound anywhere!
  • Audiophile sound True Response transducers eliminate distortion for neutral, true-to-life voicing and impactful bass without peaks or troughs
  • Precision assembly Transducers are manufactured using an advanced process to minimize unit-to-unit variation of the miniature dynamic drivers
  • Perfect fitting compact dimensions with adjustable ear hooks and selection of silicone and memory foam ear adaptors in 3 sizes (S/M/L) to fit any ear. Comfortable, appealing, classy, minimal aesthetics
  • 5 mm braided cable with gold-plated MMCX connectors optimized for low body noise
  • Impedance: 18 ohms
  • Frequency response: 6-20.000 Hz
  • THD: <0.08% (1 kHz, 94 dB)

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Great for £130

Why pay more?

Comfort: 5*
Sound: 5*
Value for money: 5*

Build quality is fine for £130. The units themselves are light as is the cable. No issues with the cable, though it is thin and does not tangle (positive for portable use). I like the ear-hooks because you can tailor them to your ears but the downside is when you take them off and put back on you have to re-adjust.

Tips are good compared to other IEMs. Regardless, I replace them with Final audios silicone or dekoni foams.

I actually do not care what the sound is like because they are so comfortable. I would probably wear them even if they were monitor-speaker grade audio. In any event, the IE200 procedure a great neutral sound, which I have found to be pleasantly punchy, especially with foams.

Buy the Qudelix 5k portable dac amp if you haven't great pairing for portable use.

Buy old mate senny eye ee two hundos.

Nicely balanced, a bargain

First, cards on table. I like the Sennheiser sound but the last pair of buds I had from them (I forget the number) were awful.
However these came along and I thought they would complement the momentum 2 that I also have. More pricey than any other in ear units I had purchased an in short well worth it.
I’m listening on an iBasso DX160 with he Eddict player and mostly to FLAC files, using get smallest foam tips provided. I listen to a broad range of music so let's cover some highlights. Final ada gio of Mahler 9th symphony (Barbirolli and Berlin Philharmonic on EMI) sounds excellent, bass and high notes nicely separated and a good full tone. In some parts of this movement the bass must be heard as it is the only thing playing (contrabassoons and or double bass) and it is nicely present. All instruments are nicely separated.
Moving to Kind of Blue by Miles Davis, the bass on the first track is somewhat recessed. It is there but not as present as perhaps it should be. Miles’ trumpet is crystal clear as are the cymbals, drums and saxophone playing. Great clarity throughout, just let down a little with the bass. In this genre bass comes through much better on Cannonball Adderleys ‘One for Daddio’ from ‘Somethin else’.
Bass is nicely represented on Nirvanas ‘Come as You Are’ from ’Nevermind. Here the bass nicely underpins everything with Kurt’s vocal represented nicely.
On the whole, well worth the price tag. I just hope they last!

Incredible value for the quality given, but the cable is a bit off.

So, I am not necessarily an audiophile *but* I do enjoy listening to my music with at least somewhat great quality. And the IE-200 brings just the right amount of everything to impress me. The clarity across the entire range is quite impressive for the price, and overall tonality means it's easy to listen to for multiple hours on end without fatigue; this is helped by the chassis' tiny size and light weight. It even takes EQing quite well, myself having EQ'd in just a touch more bass to make it truely shine in the music I listen to.

The only downside I feel that's worth complaining about is that the cable, whilst lightweight and 'soft' feeling, is microphonic and when at work I notice this plenty as I move around a lot.

Très bon

On vois la différence de basse et large fréquence. Satisfait.

IE 200

Sounds great, super comfy but the cable and tips are pulling it down.